Evolution of Music – ICT Academy Government of Tamil Nadu

Hi Friends,

Wrote for ICT Academy, Government of Tamil Nadu magazine, an initiative by Government of India.

The topic was on ‘Evolution of Music Education’ in India. I spent some good time around 4 days in writing this story, recollected all my past experiences of growing up in 80’s – 90’s and this story is my one of the longest and effort-full write-ups on music so far.

Got the prints today so here the story screen shots, looking forward to hear your reviews.

ICT Academy Evolution of Music

ICT Academy Tamil Nadu Government Music

The Journey Guitar Theme – Bollywood Movie Dubai Returns


This is my 12th Solo Guitar Video at GMTT Channel – ‘The Journey’.

This is my own composition and now part of Bollywood Movie. I chose to include it into 3rd Season of GMTT as it’s my favorite tune and I am proud of it.

The Journey theme and mood transcends me to a spiritual time zone, like a time travel from several mornings to that one night, to state of restfulness, to forgiveness and so on..

This music seems like is able to contain and give expression to countless emotions and thoughts and that’s how it’s a journey from out to within..

This season and year 2015 we are working on lot of new concepts for GMTT.

Enjoy this music video and melody and stay connected atwww.youtube.com/gmtunetime for more videos.

Thankful to Nitin Srivastava and Udit Goswami for Piano and Drums contribution in Video shooting.

Love & Regards

Therapy Music for Meditation & Healing (Flute)


Today I am sharing you another full meditation and therapeutic music from our Kayotsarg Album Series. This music is performed on Bamboo (Flute) and comprise of Raga and OM vibrations, recorded for its therapeutic benefits. The music is named as ‘The Sunrise’ and video also manifest the blessing of SUN. It further tries to re-connect the losing human bond with the Mother Nature.

The music is awesome to hear when you want to de-stress yourself from hyper activity, anxiety, restlessness and wandering thoughts. It is also a word-less prayer to the almighty for the gift of this beautiful life and an offering of request for healthy body and mind from the Mother Nature.

It is best when listened and watched simultaneously while wearing a head-phone.

Venudhwani Guitarmonk Records

The music is performed by artist Pt. Sunder Lal Gandharva, who is a renowned and blessed flute artist from New Delhi, India. It is released under Guitarmonk Records. Hear out more excerpts at www.guitarmonkrecords.com

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Music for Hypertension and High Blood Pressure


Raga Ahir Bhairava is a morning raga, recommended time is between 6 to 9 am. However ragas are beneficial at any time of the day and is a pure subjective study. There are historic literature, practices and experiences that are connected to prevalence and perception about such ragas.

This Raga Ahir Bhairavs is been recommended as useful for  Hypertension, High Blood Pressure and helps in attaining peace, integration, compassion.

This Music is produced by – Guitarmonk Records from Album ‘Kaytosarg’, which is a therapeutic album series concept. ‘It is dedicated to create therapeutic, relaxation, healing and meditation music. The Sitarist who was called to perform in this album is Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan. Check out my detailed post on our effort for Kayotsarg album series >>.

For buying complete therapeutic album. Go to – http://guitarmonkrecords.com/product/…

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Music for Meditation and Healing by Guitarmonk Records

Meditation Music Guitarmonk Records

Long ago I started on a ‘meditation series’ named it ‘Kayotsarg’ music album series and put a lot of time, efforts and money on it. The concept was purely to make an album dedicated to healing or as – ‘Ragas for Healing’ and before it could have reached people, there came the dawn of smart mobiles and internet era and people have stopped buying CD’s something around after 2008. YouTube improved a lot. And as a result lot of my CD stock remain unsold & some un-returned too from planet m and music world stores across. I couldn’t even pitch it. And then gradually all these stores were like stripped off of their royal presence, with no customer and desperate rotten look, got closed almost around 2010. That was quite a sad sight to watch then.

I remember those days, when we used to call specialized people, engaging qualified music staff to research on ragas, was a direct cost at that time. Artist were paid huge good amount on per session basis, along with recording studio charges, so that these unique concepts would recover all investments and will make good return and then will keep it going. Anyhow I kept silently working on this concept without plan but at the slowest speed and we got a new break in education domain than publishing.

As it is said that Life is in continuous flux and evolution is the only way.  Year 2013 we started to re-start our publishing again and came up with new concepts of ‘guitarmonk radio’ for office, clinics and ‘gmtunetime’. Year 2015 we decided to share it at our ‘gmtunetime’ channel 1 by 1 via ‘Guitarmonk Records’ playlist.

Some of us are one of those music promoters who have seen both pre and post internet era of music promotion and marketing and experienced working on both platforms. Today it has transcended to a new zone and level, breaking old contemporary infrastructures via internet.

I wish you will enjoy our effort for Kayotsarg and do subscribe at http://youtube.com/gmtunetime to receive this music every now and then.

Love and Regards

Guitarmonk Students share their success

These are random collection of Guitarmonk Guitar Students bytes taken at different branches of Guitarmonk in Delhi and NCR. These are during the time when the student has finished the batch, or while they were still learning and our teachers recorded their experiences via anything they had be it mobile, digital camera etc. videos. We compiled these videos to share you the smiles and our student’s success stories at Guitarmonk.

Since Last 5 years, we introduced Guitarmonk CRP Program, which became a revolution in Delhi – NCR. This program has got more than 98% student turnout ratio, and a 100% guaranteed success so far on every registered student (of-course unless the student got absent in class or unwilling to practice due to their other priorities).

Guitarmonk CRP Guitar program has proved to be a new revolution and guitar education method, both online and offline as a good competition to even international universities methods, prevalent across 11 countries now.

You can stay connected for updates on same at my Google Plus Page or Guitarmonk Facebook Page. Also download us at Play Store – ‘gmtunetime’

Nepal worst Earthquake in 80 Years

We encountered earthquake on 25 April 2015 and the next day on 26 April too at New Delhi. The centre of the earthquake became our neighbour Nepal and it faced life and property damages. It is Nepal’s worst earthquake in last 80 years with official death over more than 4000 now.

India is sending lots of help and doing the rescue operations. This earthquake was also felt at many places of Northern India with some life damage in Indian cities too.

Mother Earth

One of my friends wrote me this –

“If there is one thing an earthquake reminds us of, it is how fragile this life is. And how connected we are as a world family. The tectonic plates don’t care about the boundaries we draw over Mother Earth. To think that in just a split second, this reality we have built up around us can be destroyed, is a humbling thought. If today were the last day of our lives, would each one of us be truly content with who we ARE within? If not, it is time to start working towards becoming the persons we want to be. Not so much in terms of professions and designations, but as people – as living, breathing manifestations of soul energy.”

Roland Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Roland Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Roland Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Dear Friends,

Today I got my new Roland Acoustic Guitar Amplifier from our owned Guitar Store. This is AC 60 Model.

It was for sale but I wanted it to be in my personal assets. Quite expensive at almost Rs. 40,000 & very small but very handy, awesome sound, beautiful rosewood finish etc. It has many good points. I am trying it for a solo guitar show after two days.

I hope it will cover the size of 1000 sq feet while maintaining the beauty of sound. I will be using both AUX in and other keyboard track.

Will play something on it and share its sound to you soon.

Love and Regards

Raga fusion with Tabla Maestro Athar Husain Khan

Ustad Athar Hussain Khan

Athar Hussain Khan, is my dear friend for almost 15 years now, a great tabla maestro and from the famous dynasty of Ajrara Gharana. Ajrara Gharana is one of world renowned and one of the six main traditional schools in tabla drums.

Athar’s tabla is the one famous tabla sound that you hear every day at National news channel Aaj Tak.

We both had a great time recording this piece i.e. Indian Guitaroo track. I got to work with Athar in many recordings, which is so overwhelming every time. We have been working on Raga Fusion for over 10 years now and fortunately this is our first video shoot since then.

We recorded this piece on scale of raga Puriya Dhanashree for Indian classical representation while we take minor riffs for rock phrases.

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