Live Performance

Guitar expresses plenty of moods, not only because of its tone or versatility but also because of its physical appeal, which adds style, character, personality and ambiance to a platform. Being associated to romance, guitar instrumental music or tone reflect feelings of coolness, refreshment, to whoever ear it connects.


An acoustic Guitar music is sweet to ears i.e. neither too legato playing or Indian classical like sitar etc instruments nor aggressive like percussion or distortion effects. It’s on the contrary soft, appealing and sweet in its sound.

The right word to describe it will be as an ‘aesthetical music fragrance’ for your ambiance and life style.


You should organize a guitar performance not merely in a sense to dance or to get entertained but when you want it to be a purely romantic and musical ambiance. You should choose Guitar if you are celebrating a candle night theme and be it just a couple surprise party or moment. Choose it when it’s a celebration be it B’day, dinner time or marriage.

You can choose us be it a private couple function or a lavish life-style presentation. You need live guitar playing either as ambience playing or entertainment. From a plethora of melodies from a few minutes to a many; giving your celebration an add-on with a tickling and romantic relaxing music


We implement guitar moods on various diversified melodies of Indian and Western origin and you also have an option to select or suggest some or all of your favorite songs too. We will try best to include them in our repertoire.

Our competent genres include repertoire as Bollywood, Western popular melodies, Classical Old Melodies, Ghazal and then soothing instrumental medleys, themes belonging to different historical era. Further more it includes Rock n Roll, Blue Grass, Flamenco, Western Classical and Ragas etc.

HOW TO SUGGEST A SONG You Want To Hear on Guitar

  • Name of the Song
  • Name of Movie
  • Artist/Singer
  • Link (if any) post YouTube link if you have


Solo-Duo-Trio Guitar performance backed up by required instruments as Keyboard, Cello etc. (If in case required), and other instruments on wide variety of genres as Ghazal, Devotional & Classical etc.


All booking for the performance will require the following details as

  • Date of Performance
  • Time of Performance
  • Address of Location
  • Size of Venue (approximate)
  • Total Guests
  • Occasion