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There is an old saying that Crime Follows Poverty and both shares a true intimate relationship. Crimes have different motivations indeed but let’s narrow down the perspective of crime to poverty only for time being and leave terrorism and political reasons for next time.

Poor People India

Photo: MANPREET ROMANA/AFP/Getty Images 

I am not saying crime doesn’t happen in richer class as we have an example of Sheena Bora murder but poverty has its true reasons. Every day when I begin to read newspaper, there is always 3-6 crime news flashing within few pages. To me it has all started looking same except the changes in character, location etc. but motivations seems common. We have seen the worst of crimes that shocked us for the 1st time and depressed us internally, was tough to imagine. We saw Nirbhaya who was bleed to death and now we have seen women and child crimes in other parts of world. What worst can it be?

So crimes seems to have achieved most of its possibilities we could ever imagine be it either a man who caught having killed his wife (5th wife) conspiring with robbers or a little 9 year boy head crushed and body found in dump yard or a little 14 year old girl reaching police station with an aborted fetus, there is nothing worst and shocking now as we have seen worst of worst.

But today I realized one more perspective of crime and i.e. in a country like India having 1/6th of the world population of whom 70% is poor, crime is also an exact opportunity of poverty or we can say poverty is an exact condition of crime, both are lovers.

First getting born in a Poor family hits you from all sides be it resources, education, vision, confidence etc. And then it gives you so many Crime-Prone situations be it unchangeable living conditions, jealous neighbors, exposed home, lack of financial security, lack of personal resources to entertain, lot of stress to pay bills and lack of spirits to get more. Your life ends up in meeting basic necessities and fighting every day for survival and space.

Imagine a person well secured socially and don’t have to bother for Health, Home, Education can easily follow up his dreams vs. a person who is born loser by luck and have to get it all at first place.

I know there are various other influencing factors for crime but what I mentioned is also one perspective and not a general rule to stop crime.  European nations have got this basic securities by government and people are better relaxed.

In India, both ‘Haves’ and ‘Haves not’ work together and watch each other every day, while the one is buying a new car and planning for a good vacation and dinner, the other is disappointed or frustrated on why he is missing it and has no reasons to have it sooner or later. The affluent is either humiliating the poor or the poor is feeling humiliated and full of unhappiness by seeing achievers. What’s the solution for unprivileged? How easy for them to accept reality and how many knows the path of living happily and honestly in true acceptance and modesty?

Let me end my article with OSHO words above Rich and Poor –

“Boredom is a Rich Man’s Privilege as you need to have a life and money to get fed up with it with many entertainments and time for all of them as movies, travel, hobbies, museums, meditation etc. A poor only entertainment is sex”

Breathing Therapy - Pranayama

Breathing Therapy (as some people mention it to distance themselves from term ‘Pranayama’) is gaining a huge popularity in modern generation today. I have been researching these topics for some-time (as we have been making music for Pranayama by Guitarmonkrecords) and thought to write up & invite the experiences of practitioner in my Blog.

For thousands of years Indian yogis believed that many diseases are connected to exaggerated, changed or disturbed patterns of Breathing.

As per writings on Pranayama –

Left nostril is for calming down (represents the moon) whereas the right nostril is for energy (represents the Sun)

Breathing in through your left nostril will access the right-side “feeling” hemisphere of your brain, and breathing in through your right nostril, will access the left “thinking” hemisphere of your brain.  So when you consciously alternate your breathing between either or both nostril, it allows you to activate and access your whole brain.

The same breathing patterns can be used for balancing yourself when you are feeling Tired or Cold, depressed or Heated-up (Headache, Angry, and Irritated) as they say.

For ex: – In Headache or anger, your right nostril is doing the most breathing so you can balance it by closing right nostril and doing breathing for few minutes through left. On the contrary when you are tired, over-calm, cold or depressed you can energize yourself with right nostril breathing.

While 5-10 minutes of breathing or Pranayama claims to have lot of utilities as –

  1. Clean Your Lungs – Removal of stale air and impurities with proper breathing
  2. Performance – Gives oxygen to Brain so better for students going to give exams etc.
  3. Better Sleep – By focusing on left nostril breathing
  4. Balance Both Sides of Brain – Access to both left and right brain functions.
  5. Revitalization – Gives you energy when you feel tired
  6. Calm your anger or exaggerated thinking mind and relaxes you
  7. Others etc.

In my case I am doing pranayama for 2 years for around 5 minutes almost daily. To me it helped in better digestion and balancing my body as I eat a lot of outside food.

Please write me your experiences of Pranayama or Breathing Therapy so that I can post it my Blog.

Disclaimer – I totally disclaim myself from anybody practicing based on my article. I am not a Yoga or Pranayama expert but an explorer like you, so you need to find out yourself who is qualified to do so. I wrote this article to create a platform to gather facts from experienced people so that it is helpful information for all.


As I pledged to inform you about the best of DOSA restaurants in Delhi, I am continuing my series and today I am sharing you this noteworthy Indian eatery named Chidambaram at South-Central Delhi.

This is one of the unique South Indian specialty restaurants based in Khanna Market, Lodhi Colony. Here you will have many varieties of DOSA along with a special hot drink known as ‘RASAM’ at the start. We can have this drink absolutely free as many times as we want. You won’t find Rasam everywhere so it’s a unique feature of this restaurant.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, the other distinctive quality of this restaurant is its uncommon ‘3 in 1’ piece or ‘5 in 1’ delicacy. It means we can enjoy 3/5 varieties or taste, not in one order or plate, but in same piece. This is the second exceptional thing I enjoyed here along with Rasam. (Attached pictures)

3/5 in 1 pieces usually comprise of Coconut, Potato or Mix veg and Paneer, is available for both Uttapam and Dosa, so one can have 3/5 flavors instead of one same snack.

In my last posts I discussed about Priyanshi South Indian Restaurant at Laxmi Nagar and Kuttys at V3s Mall for good quality Dosa. This restaurant Chidambaram is also one of its kind experience and economical too.

I can’t rank anyone above or below, it’s about the mood and flavor I want at given point of time. But one point I want to mention that Chidambaram gives you more quantity along with Rasam etc.

I also discussed about one DOSA food joint at Noida Brahmaputra Market i.e. ‘Laxmi Dhaba’. It is also very popular and good one at Noida.

Lastly, I always take one sweet ‘KESARI’ at the end, which is also a South Indian specialty. I will share more about my favourite Dosas in Delhi as soon as I get time. Take Care!



I can mention a lot about this subject with various technical perspectives. But for a beginner, I would like to keep it very short on why it is important to practice on a metronome?

metronome guitar practice

Let me highlight 3 basic reasons for you –

(A) RIGHT HABIT – As humans, we’re not naturally inclined to play music in time. The best live performing artists fail to keep their tempo on metronome (if they have not practiced on metronome). Imagine two students training for 2 years, one with metronome and one without metronome. It is like 1000+ hours of practice and training of mind and fingers either with or without it, becomes part of your habit now.

(B) SENSE OF TIMING The metronome is constant, it does not forgive, it does not forget. Same way, playing to a metronome makes you consistent. It enables students to develop a subconscious habit and sense of timing. 

(C) PLAY DIFFICULT PASSAGE – It help us slow down difficult passages while keeping the pace consistent. This approach enables us to work through challenging passages without making any mistakes and we can gradually increase the speed to more levels as we become more familiar to piece.


Dosa has remained my favorite vegetarian food even before I was 5 years old. I have observed paying as low as Rs. 3 for the Dosa in my childhood to now paying Rs. 60 to 100 for a Masala Dosa

Dosa is basically a South Indian Food but one of the most popular dish all across India and the Indian subcontinent. It is something that I used to have daily whenever I travel Goa because it’s tough to find a true north Indian food there. It’s my experience that when all other foods are not upto the mark, I always look for Dosa because it’s primary ingredient is potato, which you can vouch for. It is also a very sufficient sized meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter. Its main ingredients are rice and urad beans. It is served hot with Sāmbhar and 3-4 types of chutneys. There are several types of Dosa and one of my friends told me that there are more than 50 kinds of Dosa. I have tried plain/paper dosa, masala, set dosa, 3 in 1 dosa, paper masala, rawa dosa etc. but my favorite is Masala Dosa.

Although there are thousands of Dosa provider in Delhi and I have tried infinite of them yet there are very few that can give you real fragrance and experience. I will share you the best ones I like, who makes millions by selling Dosa.

This video is one of PRIYANSHI South Indian at Laxmi Nagar >>

Nearby Priyanshi is Littiwala, which is also nice and just few 100 meters away is KUTTY’S at V3s Mall. It has an amazing Paper Dosa variety that often try.

I will share more info on Dosa as soon as I get chance to capture them.

Love and Regards

Kapil Srivastava |

Just a day before everybody forgot cricket and watched PV Sindhu Badminton match. And today almost every state is announcing cash for PV Sindhu. So far she has got 10 crores+ cash and 1000 sq yard house and lot of real-estate and brand ambassadorship opportunities by Jewellery brands, BMW gifts and what not.

Delhi’s government also announced 2 crore cash for PV Sindhu and 1 Crore for Sakshi and Rs. Zero for Dipa?.  Not even Rs. 50 Lakhs for her?

PV Sindhu Saksh Mali and Dipa Karmkar Gifts

Has all ignored Dipa Karmakar contribution? Badminton had ancestors but Gymnast had none. What Dipa has achieved is no way less than, if not more, what PV Sindhu or Sakshi achieved for India. I would say that from a perspective her contribution is the best for Gymnast for the first time in India.

She didn’t win the medal but her sacrifice, hard-work is incomparable and that’s where our politicians, states should have shown maturity in honoring the hard-work of this lady Dipa Karmakar.  And they should have gifted her 1/3rd of atleast what they gifted to PV Sindhu and ½ of Sakshi Malik as a good gesture and respect for her hard-work. This would be walk the talk.

We, Indian, on one side, talking about promoting sports etc. but our actions reflects the contrary, it shows affection for only those who win medals and not those who fights. Was Dipa Karmakar more hard-working if she had won the medal? No. She gave 100% and her best despite no support or any backbone of Gymnast leaders in Indian history. She deserves respect for her hard-work, which is as big as any medal winner.

In true, ignoring her is dis-respecting her contribution. It is a reflection of our deep-rooted lust for MEDALS, VICTORIES, POSSESSION, STARDOM, CELEBRITIES, FOLLOWER’s mentality and not sportsmanship. Media always need a new star, they got one after a long time.

Please note – You are just making PV Sindhu one outstanding celebrity that you always wanted to follow but this way you are doing nothing good for sports and sportsmanship in your gestures.

You don’t need Olympics medals, you need stars and celebrities and by this gesture, you are working contrary to winning medals eventually. What you are doing is creating a big gap between hard-work and achievers by such misguided donation gestures, while you did nothing for any of stars yourself. At-least government bodies shouldn’t do this thing and is expected to honor and promote everyone. I wish wisdom prevails on some minds who thinks beyond politics.


It was a matter of great surprise to me when Great Actor Anupam Kher tweeted my music merry love rain” duet at his tweeter handle.

Anupam kher Kapil Srivastava Guitar Tweets

I am happy that he appreciated our guitar among infinite mob of singers around him. And thank him for watching the music.

Love and Regards