ISRO makes the new record and I am so Proud.

This is the one organization that inspires me a lot. We successfully placed in orbit a record 20 satellites, in a 26-minute flight. We surpassed our own last record of 10.

ISRO Sets new Record

Yes we don’t make un-necessary expenditure and that’s why today we are launching American satellites too. Our 20 International Customers are (Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.

Yes we are not working to get likes and appreciation from these 20 countries on facebook or social media, we are working to get 20+ countries as buyers who may not even like us.

Check out this –

Let’s try to learn from it – 

SHOW-OFF – We budding generation is tempted to show-off via symbolism i.e. Big Cars, Homes, Mobiles or Lifestyle for reflecting life of success etc. This over-spending is not ISRO way. Are you spending to showing off? This is not a question of success but a question of financial disaster (or life and death) at times. SO LET’S NOT FALL IN TRAP but DO ISRO WAY. It may not look stylish or luteyans style (like America has been doing and spending thousands of crores on it’s space budget that ISRO don’t do or copy) but ISRO is WISDOM.

AVOID BEING A COPYCAT CUSTOMER – Relate it to our life or Education or Guitar Education or our Guitarmonk Experiences of thousands of students. A student can learn anywhere, even on roof and under a tree but a customer expect unwanted expenses.

Many Guitar Aspirants today expects a 5 Star facility but want to pay few hundred. But would that serve the Goal?

DON’T MIX LOOKS WITH SUCCESS – Do we need to be star-looks to be successful?

Yes We don’t need to look like a star to be winners. We rather need to be winners (even without looking like a star). IT’S THE ISRO WAY.

Let’s implement these three things in life.

ISRO Celebrates History

Choose your goal wisely and we become ISRO


Grammy Winner Pt. VM Bhatt talks on how one should see music as a career in this cut-throat competition.

He mentions that most musicians commit mistake of ignoring their technical study or not completing their academic study.

He also suggests that earning bread and butter through music shouldn’t be the target but you should settle your bread and better first and keep music side-by-side.

Eventually music success is dependent on passion, talent and opportunities and it will come at its right time.

Watch our Jugalbandi (Guitar Duet) together >>


Guitarmonk Bangalore AECS Layout


I am happy to share that we opened two locations in Bengaluru. This one is at AECS Layout and other is Koramangala.

We will be expanding to 20 cities this year in India and at present holds the title of India’s largest chain of Guitar Schools.

It’s a proud moment for all of us where-in guitarmonk is generating employment opportunities for guitarists and also providing quality and professional guitar education locally.

We recently started a platform as where in we are also uniting guitarists for better training and opportunities/platform across anywhere.

We also look forward to your participation, guidance and support. We need team, we need funds and we need resources a lot.

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After conducting  employee engagement for thousands of employees and plethora of corporate for more than 10 years now.  Here I want to mention other powerful reasons and leadership lessons that are adapted in an organization from a music activity and performance. Besides the various other psychological, social, physiological benefits of music (I discussed and wrote previously); this is something you need to know to explain your employers on utility of music from a team relationship perspective.

Music is increasingly becoming part of corporate as employee engagement tool. Various attributes of a musical performance/activity are welcomed and aspired in organization. It is also the same reason why school/college also emphasize on musical performance along with musical learning.

A CEO is just like a Music Conductor with team of talented people or musicians. He follow-up & take out performance from them at the right timing. Multiple performers bringing outcome, without any ego clash, at the required time, for the common musical piece.

Conductor/Music Director plans a music, hire talents & reward them, guide them how to perform, stay accessible and visible to them. And above all holding an inherent respect for all talents, sharing the stage and credit with them. All these elements are so easy to comprehend through music. This is what describe a good team & leader.

Besides that all Musicians always share a natural passion, energy, heart, emotions, involvement and sincerity to task. Academicians/Employers are always impressed on this beauty of musician and musical performance, which they impress into their employees.

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Went for a long drive to Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna, associated closely to Vrindavan (city of thousands of temples).

I drove approximately 360 kms to and fro and had a wonderful time.

Long Drive to Mathura Vrindavan

The city of Mathura & Vrindavan expresses the history, philosophy of lord Krishna in manifold ways. This is my 2nd time to the city and I am a frequent visitor now.

This is Prem Mandir (Temple of Love)

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

This is on the way Kusum Kund (Flower Pond)

Vrindavan City

Lord Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihar Temple

Scenic beauty of Vrindavan

I took many more pictures and videos and I will share them more as soon as I get time.

Take care and have a nice day


I am so proud and privileged to bring forth a helping community for Guitarists across India. After years of home work and plan, we yesterday launched our new initiative Indian Guitarists Union Indian Guitarists Union (IGU)

From free medical to lot of other benefits and primarily help to old age musicians, who struggles hard in their old age.

Indian Guitarists Union LogoThe organization is to help out guitarists across India and taking them forward with any help. This is also primarily for old age musicians, who has given their life struggling and making both ends meet. We defined and includes lots of purposes to cover under this Unity.

Have a look at and network musicians/guitarists who are in your link.

Indian Guitarists Union

Last Days; I happened to counsel many parents seeking music career options for their Children at different platforms. Most parents (in their emotion and extra involvement with their Kids) thinks their child is unique i.e. full of Energy, Passion, Imagination for music. Some of their kids plays guitar and sing etc. And that’s enough of a commitment for them to be a good musician. I always tell them that I never found any single musician without these 3 qualities in my life.

It is rather the other 3 that you would need more i.e. DIRECTION, PERSISTENCE & CRAFT. Imagine a charged vehicle without a Guide. Energy without Direction, Passion without Persistence, and mere imagination without the Craft is a waste.

Reality Check for Musicians