Chura Liya hain tumne Guitar Performance

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Here I am sharing you my 3rd video of GM Tune Time Season # 2 as Chura Liya on Guitar. It’s one of the oldest and most famous melodies of early 70’s music by Late R.D. Burman from Bollywood movie Yaadon ki Baaraat.

I grew listening to these songs and always wanted to express them in a new fashion and style and as solo guitar.

I re-arranged the whole song adding arpeggios in beginning with many accidental notes that are not part of the original melody. Augmented notes with faster bass riffs, and double speed rhythm shuffles and use of Keyboard for special effects at specific phrases. I wish you enjoy this new version of Chura Liya hain tumne Guitar Performance and share me your comments.

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Kapil Srivastava – Guitar Man of India

Guitar Delhi Image

One of India’s Prominent Guitarists – Kapil Srivastava, a leading name in India’s Guitar Culture a.k.a Guitar Man of Indiawinner of State Award in the year 2007 (New Delhi, India) and founder of Guitarmonk

Kapil is one of India’s leading solo & lead guitarist who made his first television debut as Guitarist in album titled ‘Lady Chatterjee’ for song ‘Pyar aur Dosti’. He also composed & performed a recent track in the Bollywood Movie – Dubai Returns (Starring Irfan Khan).  He has performed guitar with various record labels including Sa Re Ga Ma HMV, T-Series, Doordarshan, GM Records and has 3 solo music albums to his credits.

Authored 6 Guitar Books (under Creative and Unicorn Publishing) and have led more than 7000+ students worldwide in more than 8 countries via Guitarmonk.

Kapil Srivastava is also contributing socially via its music movement (as Guitarmonk Social) primarily for preservation of arts, music for health, music for poor). He executed more than 100 events in last few years on social causes.
Media - Spy Ghana News (Ghana), Broadway World (USA), Zee, 9x News, NDTV Good Times, 92.7 FM, Doordarshan, HT City, Radio & Music, Adgully, Rave International, City Cheers, CEO India, Afaqs, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, INN Today, Franchise India, Bengaluru Music News, Filmi Kaliyan etc.
Check out his guitar videos at online guitar channel GM Tune Time.
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Better Guitar Better Player Myth – Music with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Street Musicians from Vienna performs excellent piece with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Well, this is a video that would teach all music students that it is the energy and passion that works behind the good music performance and not expensive guitars and instruments. I have always told my students that foremost thing is to run your hands first rather buying an expensive guitars. Ignore this expense for time being. I have also seen a fact that most of them who bought expensive guitars failed. They couldn’t focus on what was needed first. Many retailers come to me and offer me 10% to 20% straight commission if I recommend their particular branded guitars to our student. They cost around 25k to 50k package but that is not ethical. I rather advise them to keep this money as an investment for your persistent education in music for next 1-2 year and so on and only focus on your skill development. Better Guitar Better Player is not only a myth but sometimes a distraction too.

I have seen players in my life that have given me goose-bumps through a broken instrument and played awesome rhythms on wall and tables. We have performed many songs this way and they are the ones you can jam with for hours. It is eventually the ability to play the instrument and knowing music that matters most and should be kept as the main focus and the foremost priority by every student.

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Marriage Season of December in Delhi City

December is a season of marriages in Delhi and Indian marriages are full of prolong celebrations, rituals, which makes it look like a fantasy and dream achievement for many bride and grooms. And this become one good reason for investors to invest on marriage business.

Few days you have more than 10000 marriages happening on just single day in Delhi city, where each marriage costing millions of rupees. At the same time you can see many advertisements in TV are centered around marriage celebrations.

I chose to attend two marriages on the day this season. And enjoyed the diversified concepts of decoration and food variety. It also gave me set of new ideas to implement in future.

Here are some of the mobile clicks of same.

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Tunday Kababi at Windsor Market, Indirapuram Ghaziabad


As I am foodie, I got a specialty food joint in Delhi where-in you can enjoy a unique dish known as Tunday Kababi. So far I am very happy with its taste at this food joint, which is Windsor Street Market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. It is just few meters ahead of road of Aditya Mega Mall facing Rajhans Plaza Complex.

This Windsor Market is famous for various kabab’s food joints and you will see hundreds of people eating there at the same time in open every other evening. It is surrounded by residential apartments and good density of population, near to Shipra Mall. I was amazed to find that this market specialty is Tunday Kababi whereas you will not find this dish so often in all other big markets of Delhi-NCR. Here are few mobile clicks of my visit to Windsor market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

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This dish is said to be part of Awadhi cuisine (techniques of Mughalai food) and said to incorporate 160 spices Ingredients and the basic ones are melted ghee, onions, sugar, onion, crushed garlic, cardamom, clovers, yogurt, vinegar, lime, meat and various other masalas etc.  It is a unique dish and flavour made out of minced meat, which basically got popular in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh as there is a 100 years old restaurant of Tunday Kabab in Chowk.

If you ever get chance to eat this, you can try it and you will enjoy a new fragrance and flavor in it.

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My visit to KINGDOM OF DREAMS: A Cultural and Food Hub in Gurgaon

There is another Kingdom in Gurgaon in NCR, Delhi called the “Kingdom of Dreams”. It is considered to be India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination sprawled across 6 acres of land with castle-type structures that houses two auditoriums, the Nautanki Mahal and the Showshaa theatre as well as the Culture Gully, which is a cultural and cuisine area.

The Great Indian Nautanki Company, which is jointly owned by Wizcraft International Entertainment and Apra Group  are the brains behind This lavish and surreal project .

The Nautanki Mahal is an extravagant, 835-seat auditorium that stages both Indian and international theatrical productions. Zangoora -The Gypsy Prince was the first live and original Bollywood musical performed there. It boasts of state-of-the art production equipments that makes the theater experience look and sound more magical.

Kingdom of dreams: a cultural and food hub that brings to life and harmonises the distinct features of the 14 states of India, not only in aesthetic concept but in gastronomic surprises as well. The Culture Gully is a boulevard with state pavilions that showcases the food, arts and crafts and architecture of each state represented.  street performances, artisans, massage centers, mystic shops and lounge bars – Kerela and Mehkhana Bar- are also found in the Culture Gully. The 500 Rs entry fee for each person comes with a card system, wherein you have to consume that 500 Rs worth for food so the entrance fee can be waived for free. But it does carry forward to your next visit the remaining amount if you are not able to consume the entire amount at your first visit. Nevertheless, my stay at the Kingdom of Dreams surely made my senses all awake and excited from the visuals and music apart from the delectable offerings that are a definite must-try! I lost track of time and became too absorbed with the festival-like atmosphere and presence of entertainment characters in the area.

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As a colourful marquee spans over the 350-seater amphitheatre, the Showshaa Theater has phenomenal productions highlighting the Indian mythology, impressive circus skills and they even stage a mock lavish wedding show! The costumes and props look so grand and the actors and actresses’ performance are indeed astounding.

Behold the spectacle that awaits you when you visit the Kingdom of Dreams. This is truly one culture and leisure place that we can’t afford to miss! This is actually a great place to treat family and friends and it’s like being all over India in a day. I’m truly glad that I checked this place out myself as it left me in a state of enchantment. Better see this place yourself and hopefully it won’t leave you too speechless.

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Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop

Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop

Guitarist India – Kapil Srivastava |

Music Theory Master Guitar Workshop

Many students are enthusiastic about learning the ropes of guitar playing and yet do not seem to truly see the importance of music theory for a beginner. In fact, students even try to avoid the topic on music theory and just want to skip that part of lesson. Yes, it’s true that many famous musicians may not even know how to read notes, but it is just one exemption from the rule.

Music Theory is the basic foundation of musicianship. Components such as note, chord, scale, mode etc. are parts of the structure of a composition. In order for musicians to communicate their music to other musicians, they will have to use a common language, and that is the Music Theory.

It is the standardized form or structure of an arrangement or a musical performance. Without it performers may not see eye to eye on how a work of music will have to be interpreted or performed. A formal training gained by an in depth study of music theories will enable a guitar player to go beyond just playing the notes. He can share the notes and be understood by other musicians without having to go through laborious process of showing actual placement of fingers in the guitar in order to play a chord. Also, from the basic knowledge in composition, one can create more elaborate melodies and express the musical ideas using different voices and instruments.

“Performers must understand the structure of every piece they perform and this is impossible without a solid music theory background.” says Kapil. It is a scientific way of understanding music and expressing the minute aspects of it. It is a method to engineer the song and compile it into a beauty whenever and however you want.

A lecture demonstration at Gurgaon Guitar School for senior students of music as a  one – session master workshop on music theory was conducted recently by Guitarmonk Master Guitarist, Kapil Srivastava.

Kapil conducts ‘master music theory session’ for music aspirants. The workshop covers the important terminologies, concepts and aspects of music theory valid for all instruments as a separate master class. The objective is to develop a strong foundation of basics and clear doubts that usually arise among students of  music.

To conduct similar master guitar workshops at your place or attend it at our centers email at


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How to be a Music Performer

how to be a music composer

How to be a Music Performer

Master Guitarist, Kapil Srivastava conducted another highly informative lecture-demo on how he became a music performer and how others can achieve a similar success. Corporate individuals and Guitarmonk students were the eager participants. Kapil gave live demonstrations on typical music performance styles and gave several performance case studies to analyze and discuss with the attendees. He reiterated the benefits of focusing one’s music learning to a performance-based mode of learning rather than the plain information or simple activity- based learning. The significance of various components with regards to the type of performances, the psychological and physiological advantage that can be gained from a performance-based task were also tackled, and questions from the participating group were also addressed for clarification. The overall impact of the lecture-demonstration approach in music revealed that most students who gained performance-oriented music appreciation get to deepen their familiarity and enhance their knowledge of music and promote a higher standard of performance that can lead to a more meaningful and inspiring experience.

Educational theorist, James Mursell‘s philosophy states that, “The student conceives of his job as a process of growth. He may, it is true, from time to time concentrate on fragments, even on very small fragments. But this is always in the light of the whole, and as part of the job of evolving a clear, articulate, intelligible pattern. What he is doing is to transform something vague, indefinite, and therefore imperfect into something specific, definite and controlled… What mastering the composition really comes to is getting its essential meanings into his fingers, his mind, and his feelings. (Mursell, 1948, p.50).

And as he refers to music reading, he says: “Long before a child begins to study these symbols, his musical responsiveness should have gone through a considerable development. The melodic and rhythmic components of music and its distinctive and what mood values should have come to mean something to him. Then as he begins to be able to see what he hears and what he responds to, the symbols themselves are learned in terms of meanings that are actualities in his experience, and the learning of them further refines and clarifies musical responsiveness. (Mursell, 1948, p.52).

And, with this, Kapil Guitarist values a good system of pedagogy that revolves around guitar and music teaching. His solid teaching practice and experience in Guitarmonk vow to help his students have better outcomes with the guitar.  For him, it’s not just about teaching them the standards, outcomes or benchmarks nor why as well as how to be a music performer. It’s all about creating good and lasting memories and experience through music performance with guitar that will motivate the students to learn more.

To get the line on the art of guitar and to know how to become a music performer or to conduct music lecture demonstrations at your schook, inquire at

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