Kapil Srivastava – Guitar Man of India

Guitar Delhi Image

One of India’s Prominent Guitarists – Kapil Srivastava, a leading name in India’s Guitar Culture a.k.a Guitar Man of Indiawinner of State Award in the year 2007 (New Delhi, India) and founder of Guitarmonk

Kapil is one of India’s leading solo & lead guitarist who made his first television debut as Guitarist in album titled ‘Lady Chatterjee’ for song ‘Pyar aur Dosti’. He also composed & performed a recent track in the Bollywood Movie – Dubai Returns (Starring Irfan Khan).  He has performed guitar with various record labels including Sa Re Ga Ma HMV, T-Series, Doordarshan, GM Records and has 3 solo music albums to his credits.

Authored 6 Guitar Books (under Creative and Unicorn Publishing) and have led more than 7000+ students worldwide in more than 8 countries via Guitarmonk.

Kapil Srivastava is also contributing socially via its music movement (as Guitarmonk Social) primarily for preservation of arts, music for health, music for poor). He executed more than 100 events in last few years on social causes.
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Check out his guitar videos at online guitar channel GM Tune Time.
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India’s fastest Guitar Piece Video Launch

Check out my new Guitar video launch of the song as Neele Neele Ambar Par, is recognized as one of India’s fastest guitar pieces. This is the 2nd tune of GM Tune Time Season 2, Unforgettable Bollywood.

This song is composed by duo music directors as Bappi Lahiri and Kalyanji Anandji from the movie Kalkaar in the year 1983. The song is sung by versatile singer Kishore Kumar.

In this video, I re-arranged and took the whole melody into a complete solo guitar instrumental version. I am grateful to my team that included Mr. Bal, Mr. Rajbeer, Mr. Nitin, Mr. Gaurav, Mr. Brajesh and other technicians.

Neele Neele Ambar Par, is not only one of the best Bollywood guitar pieces but an inspiring tune for every guitar academic player. It is a master piece and challenge to keep while you are learning guitar. Although I crossed this challenge a decade ago but couldn’t share the melody or record it. I thank life that I am privileged to record it and share it now with you.

You can download my my App ‘gmtunetime’ in Google Playstore as well.

I look forward to your reviews on same. Your comments are precious to me and will motivate me a lot.

Love and Regards

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Times of India or Times of Real Estate?


Got this interesting video made and shared by one of our volunteers at guitarmonk social.

If you see this video, you can observe a great change in approach of our media to a purely commercial media in light of cut-throat competition, growing innovation and need of more money to survive. This can be both looked from positive as well as negative perspective. And the negative aspect could be that the ‘real stories’ that ought to be covered don’t even get noticed or published by the media. They not only lose respect, mileage but the motivation in the print media when money prevails.

It is a check point for media to reflect and see what is the limit to all this? And what is the balance.  And if it’s in sync with the principles of journalism or are we need to change all that?

Why we buy regular newspaper and not just all kinds of magazines at our home? – A common man in general is sensitive to news and thing happening around him or her, and it is the reason he buys and read a newspaper every day. But when our newspaper is stuffed with so many advertisements, is it not over-using general public sentiment and emotion of trust by sending them almost 100 pamphlets sized advertisements everyday hidden behind the sentiment of PIOUS ‘NEWS or JOURNALISM’. It is irritating at times.

Time to Ponder!

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Neele Neele Ambar Par Guitar Video Shoot

Neele Neele Ambar Par Guitar Video Shoot

Neele Neele Ambar Par Guitar Video Shoot

It was another day of Guitarmonk Tune Time Season # 2 video shoot.  We started our day before dawn and the shooting of another song of GM Tune Time season 2 ‘Unforgettable Bollywood’.

The song was ‘Neele Neele ambar se’, one of the most complex and popular tunes of Bollywood for guitarist. The set was designed as very calm, informal with elegant sofa sets and paintings at the backdrop. Set courtesy and sponsorship by Must Arts Galleria.

Today we also called our local drum expert Mr. Bal who look alike famous singer Mr. Kailash Kher.  He is a jolly natured, professional musician and was very punctual. Rhythm Guitar and Bass Guitar is taken by Gaurav and Ashwin.

DOP Mr. Brajesh with his cameraman and light team arranged the set up very fast and very professionally.

Look forward to having another shoot this week.

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New guitar batch at Noida

New guitar batch at Noida

New guitar batch at Noida

Today was the opening day of our new guitar batch at Noida of August 2014 session. It is going to be 2nd last batch of this year. Unlike other days, we had a very beautiful weather and drizzle, while we were driving to the Noida Branch.

I mostly try to give a visit (whenever I am in Delhi) at the opening days of complete guitar program in most branches. This is to give them insight and motivate guitar aspirants on how to proceed and look up your guitar for the next 1 year. How to see guitar and extract out benefits in different ways.

New guitar batch at Noida had 6 guitar students.  When I entered the Noida branch, we were greeted and welcome by students, who already knew me and read about me in Google. I was also accompanied by 2 more teachers as 1 being Mr. Nitin (Western Theory Expert) and Mr. Gaurav (Rudimentary Expert).

We shared a lot of experiences, and learning philosophies followed by a mini performance. One of the youngest students of the batch, who was already learning guitar for long time, played a song too. We had a question answer session and lots of fun before leaving the class in hands of Module # 1 teacher.

For more info regarding best guitar teacher in Noida you can fill the contact form.

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Cloud Covered Mussoorie Mall Road

Mussoorie Mall Road

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Beautiful Guitar Cake gift on my Birthday

Guitar Cake

I was honored by this great and yummy Guitar cake on my b’day by my students. They made my eve with this surprise. I had one more cake but this was a sort of gift of music in my life.

I bless all of them and thank them for this wonderful and respectful gesture for me.

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Taj Mahal – India’s monument of love


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Taj Mahal India’s monument of love

A trip to Agra will never be complete without paying the famous Taj Mahal a visit. Since childhood, I was in a complete awe with this associated love story of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who passed away after giving birth to their 14th child.This monument is an expensive construction or modification as being such a finished, artistic, massive monument of its times. The King wanted to keep the loving memory of his late wife with time immemorial.

After a four and a half drive from Delhi, I arrived at 8am in Agra, in the state of Uttar Pradesh,  India. Even at such an early time, flocks of tourists have already formed a queue at the entrance. Not wanting to be with bigger crowd later on, I immediately paid for the 20 INR local fee, while tourists have to pay 750 rupees. Also remember to bring only the basics, your wallet, camera, and mobile phone because big bags are not allowed and many items are prohibited inside the Taj Mahal. Taking pictures of the mausoleum is not even allowed.

First to welcome me was the certain grandiosity of the red stone gates. A three-storey red sandstone structure with a central arch and two-storeyed wings on both sides where verses from the Qu’ran in Arabic were inscribed in black calligraphy. Apparently, that was just the start of the majestic visual treat for me. The main monument itself was even more beautiful at a closer look.

Built with perfect symmetrical planning, the Taj Mahal, is adorned with colorful hues of precious stones in intricate designs. Even the horticulture at the ornamental gardens where two marble canals with fountains and lined with cypress trees were well planned. I just stood there as I was too mesmerized by the perfect reflection of the Taj. A real beauty indeed.

Truly, this trip has definitely drew me thinking deeply about love and faith. And I figured out that the real beauty of the Taj Mahal is beyond its  royal facade, it’s the beauty of the heart and the ultimate display of romantic love that made this monument endure fame and glory whilst withstanding the test of time.

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