Tujhe Dekha to Ye – My Guitar tribute to Bollywood movie DDLJ


Here is my second last song of Season # 2 of gmtunetime, Tujhe Dekha to Ye – my guitar tribute to Bollywood most popular and longest ever movie DDLJ, Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge

The movie has recently completed its 1000 weeks at Maratha Mandir Cinema Hall in South Mumbai, India. The movie got released in the October month of year 1995 and so far one of the longest movies ever of Bollywood with main lead actors as Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher etc.

Coming to its music part, it has both blend of west and foundation of Indian folk flavor. The songs of movies got very popular even before the movie is released, composed by music director Jatin Lalit. I chose the most popular song of this movie ‘Tujhe Dekha to Ye Jana Sanam’, which is a true blend of Indian Folk and Keherva rhythm merged with various riffs and chords transitions in between. It is a study for many guitar students.

Tujhe Dekha to Ye Guitar Kapil Srivastava

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Chura Liya hain tumne Guitar Performance

Hi Friends,

Here I am sharing you my 3rd video of GM Tune Time Season # 2 as Chura Liya on Guitar. It’s one of the oldest and most famous melodies of early 70’s music by Late R.D. Burman from Bollywood movie Yaadon ki Baaraat.

I grew listening to these songs and always wanted to express them in a new fashion and style and as solo guitar.

I re-arranged the whole song adding arpeggios in beginning with many accidental notes that are not part of the original melody. Augmented notes with faster bass riffs, and double speed rhythm shuffles and use of Keyboard for special effects at specific phrases. I wish you enjoy this new version of Chura Liya hain tumne Guitar Performance and share me your comments.

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Love and Regards

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Kapil Srivastava – Guitar Man of India

Guitar Delhi Image

One of India’s Prominent Guitarists – Kapil Srivastava, a leading name in India’s Guitar Culture a.k.a Guitar Man of Indiawinner of State Award in the year 2007 (New Delhi, India) and founder of Guitarmonk

Kapil is one of India’s leading solo & lead guitarist who made his first television debut as Guitarist in album titled ‘Lady Chatterjee’ for song ‘Pyar aur Dosti’. He also composed & performed a recent track in the Bollywood Movie – Dubai Returns (Starring Irfan Khan).  He has performed guitar with various record labels including Sa Re Ga Ma HMV, T-Series, Doordarshan, GM Records and has 3 solo music albums to his credits.

Authored 6 Guitar Books (under Creative and Unicorn Publishing) and have led more than 7000+ students worldwide in more than 8 countries via Guitarmonk.

Kapil Srivastava is also contributing socially via its music movement (as Guitarmonk Social) primarily for preservation of arts, music for health, music for poor). He executed more than 100 events in last few years on social causes.
Media - Spy Ghana News (Ghana), Broadway World (USA), Zee, 9x News, NDTV Good Times, 92.7 FM, Doordarshan, HT City, Radio & Music, Adgully, Rave International, City Cheers, CEO India, Afaqs, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, INN Today, Franchise India, Bengaluru Music News, Filmi Kaliyan etc.
Check out his guitar videos at online guitar channel GM Tune Time.
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Taste Drive – A creative food joint at Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Well this is not a real car, this is something I found when I drove down to west Delhi and discovered a new taste of various Kathi Rolls at a new food chain.

This is a brand stating itself as ‘Taste Drive’ and available in many of the adjacent malls near Rajouri Garden Metro Station also known as Raja Garden Metro Station. I went there 4-5 times and tried it every-time and thus got motivated to write and share something about it to you.

Although this is not a very extraordinary taste If I compare it to rolls by Karim’s restaurant i.e. Karim’s Roll, Nazeer’s Taka Tak, Khan Chacha’s Roll, Nizam’s Kathi Kabab or even Lacha Parantha Roll that I have in Ghaziabad and even Amritsari Rolls that I often try in Indirapuram, yet it is now one of my most favorite taste at Raja Garden. I also want to mention one other Kathi Roll that I always try whenever I go to ‘Ramkrishna Mission’ Delhi, which is much more delicious than this.

The uniqueness of Taste Drive food joint among all is due to its overall ambiance, presentation and position of creative car-shaped-Kitchen shop, which enhances the overall experience of tasting this role surrounded by colorful people and ambiance. They also have varieties of Rolls with different tastes both in veg and non-veg, which is their USP, and that too at an economical price of less than Rs. 100. They will offer you this role in a proper thick branding cup-shaped cover so as you can eat it comfortably.

One other value to experience at Taste Drive is that you will get the same happy, celebrating feeling as you often see in McDonalds, with many young kids, families buying and eating along. The best experience is to taste it at eve and you will be accompanied by lots of good crowd. You will find people sitting on pavement, floor or walking casually and enjoying this food. And I find it a very lively and healthier experience as it creates a state of mind, a psychology that helps to enhance your experience at this food-joint. Lastly they are all located inside the malls at a good pollution free location, less dust prone and thus more hygienic.

If you ever feel to go there and try it, you can find this Taste Drive Car-shaped food joint at TDI Mall, Westend Mall and City Square Mall near metro station.

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A life centered on love

Life centered on love
This image teaches a lot, reflecting various phases of life, a life thoroughly centered on emotion of love.

The tree at the backdrop merely surviving and dying but human is filled with companionship of childhood to love and affection of youth, passing through the 3rd phase of intimacy of relationship and bonding of adults to old-age companion once again.

The 5th phase is of pain of separation of lost companion and being alone in an un-imagined life. Sitting yet standing on the crutches of love and affection of thy memories.

The withered tree depicts the end of life having witnessed the imprints of beautiful moments lost in nature.

It teaches the choices we have of living this life either being centered on love and all rest things on circumference or a life centered on status, money and fame and love on circumference?

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Better Guitar Better Player Myth – Music with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Street Musicians from Vienna performs excellent piece with Homemade Broom Guitar and Shovel Bass

Well, this is a video that would teach all music students that it is the energy and passion that works behind the good music performance and not expensive guitars and instruments. I have always told my students that foremost thing is to run your hands first rather buying an expensive guitars. Ignore this expense for time being. I have also seen a fact that most of them who bought expensive guitars failed. They couldn’t focus on what was needed first. Many retailers come to me and offer me 10% to 20% straight commission if I recommend their particular branded guitars to our student. They cost around 25k to 50k package but that is not ethical. I rather advise them to keep this money as an investment for your persistent education in music for next 1-2 year and so on and only focus on your skill development. Better Guitar Better Player is not only a myth but sometimes a distraction too.

I have seen players in my life that have given me goose-bumps through a broken instrument and played awesome rhythms on wall and tables. We have performed many songs this way and they are the ones you can jam with for hours. It is eventually the ability to play the instrument and knowing music that matters most and should be kept as the main focus and the foremost priority by every student.

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Marriage Season of December in Delhi City

December is a season of marriages in Delhi and Indian marriages are full of prolong celebrations, rituals, which makes it look like a fantasy and dream achievement for many bride and grooms. And this become one good reason for investors to invest on marriage business.

Few days you have more than 10000 marriages happening on just single day in Delhi city, where each marriage costing millions of rupees. At the same time you can see many advertisements in TV are centered around marriage celebrations.

I chose to attend two marriages on the day this season. And enjoyed the diversified concepts of decoration and food variety. It also gave me set of new ideas to implement in future.

Here are some of the mobile clicks of same.

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Tunday Kababi at Windsor Market, Indirapuram Ghaziabad


As I am foodie, I got a specialty food joint in Delhi where-in you can enjoy a unique dish known as Tunday Kababi. So far I am very happy with its taste at this food joint, which is Windsor Street Market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. It is just few meters ahead of road of Aditya Mega Mall facing Rajhans Plaza Complex.

This Windsor Market is famous for various kabab’s food joints and you will see hundreds of people eating there at the same time in open every other evening. It is surrounded by residential apartments and good density of population, near to Shipra Mall. I was amazed to find that this market specialty is Tunday Kababi whereas you will not find this dish so often in all other big markets of Delhi-NCR. Here are few mobile clicks of my visit to Windsor market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This dish is said to be part of Awadhi cuisine (techniques of Mughalai food) and said to incorporate 160 spices Ingredients and the basic ones are melted ghee, onions, sugar, onion, crushed garlic, cardamom, clovers, yogurt, vinegar, lime, meat and various other masalas etc.  It is a unique dish and flavour made out of minced meat, which basically got popular in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh as there is a 100 years old restaurant of Tunday Kabab in Chowk.

If you ever get chance to eat this, you can try it and you will enjoy a new fragrance and flavor in it.

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